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This name doubtless sounded more poetic to sixteenth-century Italians than Giovanni Giraldi, which was like being called "John Jones" back then.Anyway, Cinthio wrote a short story called "Un Capitano Moro" ("A Moorish Captain") as part of his collection of tales, Gli Hecatommithi.There were no black, or even brown actors to play Othello. Or maybe they just wore a turban and some colorful robes.

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It's like having the devil whisper in your ear for the entire performance, even as your eyes are drawn elsewhere.This edition also makes full use of the Second Quarto (1632) a text which, although it is without independent authority, preserves important textual decisions made by an intelligent and well-informed editor nearly contemporary with the dramatist himself.Further appendices include a discussion of dating problems, an account of the music in the play, and a full translation of the Italian novella from which the story derives.Othello is an odd play, an "extravagant and wheeling stranger" among the kings, queens, and princes that populate other Shakespearean tragedies. He has risen to a position of power on his own merits--a rarity throughout most of history (and arguably still a rarity today).He's a warrior who doesn't get to fight anyone or anything except his own demons.

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