Parents against dating norwegian dating sites coming to america

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Then told me I shouldn’t be with someone who was like my father (my dad was a deadbeat dad who hated working and didn’t provide for us).My fiancé fixes consoles as a per diem thing at a local game store and she told him to get a real job 🤦🏻‍♀️She didn’t love my father so there’s no concept of any love there. Your bf most likely can’t afford to provide for you and should you marry him and start a family with him he’ll be more of a financial burden than a financial benefit.They don’t care whether that’s what My parents don’t believe in dating.Cause apparently when you start to go out with someone, you’re gonna get pregnant.

One day you're dating a girl and the next day she's missing after an aerial bombing. If you won't born during the wars, you sure as hell felt the aftermath (culturally and economically).Yes you love him and care about him but love doesn’t pay for groceries, property tax, mortgages, or all your kids needs.If you shack up with him, there’s a chance you will suffer greatly and struggle.Put the ball in their court to find a better way to communicate with you.Asian parents DO have wisdom and life experience to offer.

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