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On top of his quest to find a girlfriend, he is also indecisive about what direction to go in his academics.The player can choose any name for the character (the default name is Daisuke).As she eventually warms up to you, find out how there’s more to her than meets the eye.Multiple Endings – What’s waiting for your squire at the end of the journey?Forge Relationships – Get to know your waifu on a personal level by being around her and talking about stuff.

Still - this is definately an improvement from the developers.

Primarily because it indicates at least a hint of humor as opposed to the typically draconian and nebulous DRM schemes.

Unlike traditional, even modern visual novels, which are characteristically uninvolved beyond the periodic decision to make, True Love incorporates elements reminiscent of a role-playing game, for which it is also occasionally categorized.

In addition, working generates income and shopping allows the player to voluntarily spend their money on items for themselves or to give as gifts.

The main character is a single, nineteen-year-old Japanese college senior living in the fictional city of Meiai, forced out by his parents at the idea that independence may attract him a partner.

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