Poker tracker error updating database

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CONTEXT: PL/pg SQL function "update_tourney_cache_playerrange" line 12 at FOR over SELECT rows ) What is the bottleneck and how can I solve it?

Specs: Windows 7 8GB memory Intel i5 3230 @ 2.6 ghz 8.55 GB free space (after a few failed cache rebuild attempts) Edit: I forgot to mention that this particular error came after updating to the last version (11.8), but the cache rebuild was already failing prior to that.

New Row(); rowx[0] = 111; rowx[1] = 28; rowx[2] = "C"; rowx[3] = 12; rowx[4] = "C"; rowx[5] = 16; rowx[6] = Text Box2.

I wanted to do a full cache rebuild because my HUD was lagging a lot (first time use).

In exploring solutions, we found this hyperlinking option, but it seems very cumbersome and error prone. Could we change the file structure to have this work (have 1 file instead of 2 files)? You could then include that new table in your Power Pivot model.

Is there something that can be done with different data models (like having the data in Access or some other DB vs. You can also load data directly from Excel via Power Query into a Power Pivot model.

The backup from Store can be uploaded with php My Admin. Unless the restored backup was from the same version you're currently running, a new "Database upgrade" installation would need to be performed to re-upgrade the data contained in the restored database.

(Not just the version number in the config table; upgrade processing is needed to fix-up or expand schemas and data for other purposes which are new to the later version of php BB, too.) Not if the version in the config table was 3.2.5 upon restore.

The simple explanation would be "there actually are php BB 3.2.5 database backups in my /store directory too, and I was actually selecting one of those older php BB 3.2.5 backups during restore." The seemingly less likely explanation for "I installed php BB 3.2.7 but then a backup and subsequent restore of my database shows php BB 3.2.5 as the database version" would be if the php BB 3.2.7 update process had actually failed.I made a database backup on my test board via ACP, when restoring the database I get this error: Tried with Gzip & bzip2 php BB 3.2.7 PHP: 7.2.17 Database server: My SQL(i) 5.5.60-Maria DBAgreed this isn't something to recommend as an "everybody should go do this right now" scenario.Since it's database restore, and hopefully you need to use that zero times between now and the next release.Data_Tracker_Rcode Table Adapter(); Data Set Reasons. Data_Tracker_Rcode Data Table GRX = new Data Set Reasons.Data_Tracker_Rcode Data Table(); Data Row rowx = GRX.

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