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But still would welcome talking about him to those interested. (Monty) Palit, I'll repost something I put on Doublegunshop which summarizes his career.

If anyone knows anybody in the circle of the maharaja of Kolhapur, would much appreciate some asking about the Reilly's. I will say that we saw each other everyday for 3 years; he visited us in Greece and we drove up to Meteora, went past Thermopolae, went to Delphi and down to the Peleponnese to see the ruins of Mycenae. After this summary, later on I'll add some vignettes never written about hunting in Aurangpur, some hunting protocols he picked up from his Commanding officers and passed on to his subordinates, some observations about the "Permit Raj"...(I had a Black CJ-7 in New Delhi.

It was designed by the English architect Charles Mant, although Lewis Carroll might have had a hand in it.

"The maharajas were great collectors of empire's bric-a-brac.

The tomblike salons exuded a Dickensian squalor and were crammed with sambar heads and taxidermic elephants in full regalia, horse racing trophies, and stuffed fantail snipes.

You'll see an assessment of the General and some information on Captain Reginald Sawney who originally have the 20 gauge to Gen. He might be able to contribute some more information Thanks. I really was looking for information on Reilly's in India.ma-express I wrote a request for information on the Maharaja of Kolhapur's site - never heard back. The drawing is the shop, manufacturing facility at 502 New Oxford Street.I will post some guns and labels separately which hopefully someone can answer. Here are two labels which have some Sanskrit writing on them which I'd much appreciate some help with. This is the label used by Reilly from 1855 after the Paris Universelle exposition to autumn 1859 when the name changed to E. The medals are the ones for the 1851 "Crystal Palace" international exposition and the 1855 Paris Exposition Universelle.II in India, I would gladly pay for the book and its shipping to USA and for your time: https://books.google.com/books/about/Mu ...Orjf0cp Iw C I and my family are mentioned in Vol II: Excerpts from P.

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