Push and pull dating game

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When you find yourself having grown past that catalyst, know that now is time to grow away and grow on.

Have you ever felt your partner pulling away from you and the more you pushed, the more he or she retreated?

They know that they don’t love themselves and think that you will eventually figure out that they’re not worth loving.

They also realize that because they can’t love themselves, they cannot fully love you either.

And if it’s not you, it will be with Jane/John Doe as insecure people lack the confidence to do anything alone.

I have found that often when people have problems in their marriage, one of the two has this personality type.

Then turn back, smile and re-initiate conversation. The hug is cute when you tell a girl okay that's enough and smile.

They didn’t respect you when they had you so why the sudden change?

Mark manson would say most of this is false confidence.

That being said, push/pull or negging is a very difficult skill and can make you lose the girl entirely.

Imagine this scenario: You love someone but they push you away and want you to leave.

So you leave and as soon as you do, they fight tooth and nail to get you back.

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