Push pull effect dating

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We think we are loved and accepted, and then the rug gets pulled and we begin to doubt our perceptions. I thought they liked me but now I don’t understand why they have changed their attitude and behaviour towards me?This situation can be very confusing for mentally healthy and balanced people. The perceived rejection causes the receiver of the push-pull behaviour to do their best to regain the love and attention they felt in the beginning.The other person enjoys the attention and gets lulled into a false sense of security.They revel in the attention and feel special and valued.Pushers are often afraid of commitment and put these emotional barriers in place to control the status of the relationship.

Learn to recognise the dynamic and steer clear of it.

The CONWIP is a hybrid between a pure push and pure pull system.

With a push-based supply chain, products are pushed through the channel, from the production side up to the retailer.

They pursue the ‘pusher’ thereby putting them back in charge of the relationship – the ball is now in the pusher’s court, so to speak.

A powerless place to be for the unsuspecting person who is just looking for love.

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