Quicken not updating deposits

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Previously, I held on to using Quicken because I have a long history with the product.I also liked the idea of keeping my financial data locally on my desktop computer.Now you must pay an annual fee or the online features of Quicken are no longer usable. Currently, there are no retail discounts for Quicken, which typically can be up to 55% off the retail price. Existing Quicken users will have to pay an “annual toll” to keep using the product; otherwise, your data is read-only.

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Unless Quicken is completely rewritten, it will never be like its sister service,

However, this new platform is intended to be a companion to the desktop software, rather than a replacement.

You’ll still need to go onto the desktop app to sign up and do most of the heavy lifting.

I know behind-the-scenes Personal Capital uses Yodlee.

In some cases, Yodlee screenscrapes an account in order to download the transactions.

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