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He has best been known for being the lead guitarist of rock bands by the name Creed and also Alters Bridge.He has been the founding member of both bands and went on to work together with very many other artists over the many years.Currently, the family has been living in Orlando, Florida.He has been known to be the founding member of a hard rock band by the name Creed.Mark Tremonti was born in the year 1974 on April 18th in Detroit Michigan.He spent a better part of his childhood in Grosse Pointe which is outside Detroit for a better part of his childhood before he moved to the Wilmette, Illinois.

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You know I really just came here to see Family Force Five (they rule), but ol’ P.I always thought that, because of that meeting, somehow, I (and Lee of course) influenced the success of Creed.” “Rock On,” continued Conn with a tear in his eye.Vice President of Admissions Phil Cook, however, was not so keen on this weekend’s events. Stapp was elated at the award and said he would put it to good use.Conn found me and offered me this degree in exchange for giving him tips on writing power ballads. Mark Thomas Tremonti is a musician, songwriter and a singer who holds American Nationality.

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