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There has been no attempt to evaluate all of the resources listed within this directory and the inclusion of any agency or organization does not constitute an endorsement by KCDHH, nor is the exclusion of any agency or organization intentional.

KCDHH hopes that you will find the “Directory of Services for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing” to be a useful tool in locating the services and information that you need.

These commissioners represent a broad range of interests in the scope and quality of services that are available to deaf and hard of hearing Kentuckians.

The commissioners meet four times a year to assist and direct the policy development of programs and services of KCDHH.

This publication will be made available in an alternative format upon request.

Before reproducing this directory by any means, please contact the Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (KCDHH).

Within the directory you will find many links allowing you to access the Web sites of public and private entities.

To access this directory on the World Wide Web, please visit then click on Publications, then on Directory of Services. The KCDHH Web site is updated on a continuous basis.

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It provides valuable information on accessibility and deaf related programs and services within the commonwealth of Kentucky and the United States.

During these meetings the commissioners establish goals and priorities for KCDHH to follow in order to comply with the mandates set by the General Assembly.

These meetings are open to the public at accessible facilities.

The Commission shall review legislative programs relating to services for deaf and hard of hearing persons and shall conduct studies of conditions affecting the health and welfare of the deaf and hard of hearing.

The Commission shall oversee the provision of interpreter services to the deaf and hard of hearing and may provide such services if necessary.

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