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But wisely - and shrewdly too, for its principals know from whence cometh their strength - Crawley Films Limited is a family affair still, in atmosphere, if no longer in actuality.This family atmosphere gets into its pictures and makes them live - especially when they are about children or young people, in portrayal of whom the Crawleys excel.With that said, there's no question that the short ran way too long for its own good so only fans of the genre will want to check it out. "Social-sex development of Bill and Mary and how they came to meet, fall in love and marry." Rohama Lee, "Pictures Are Made By People. The 15 principal characters of the series are all of them Fayetteville (N. State) High School students who gave up vacation trips and camps this past summer, to work at being their age for the screen.

The story is told in a pretty regular and bland way so there really aren't any laughs to be had."Despite its awkward title, this is in some ways the most outstanding of the films, and the one with the widest audience appeal. Marjorie Smiley and Rohama Lee, "Adolescent Development Series," Film News (September 1953): 17. 'First crushes, then steady dating and final choice'. It starts interestingly - with a natural and charming wedding scene. [Still shot of girl and boy sitting together, from Social-Sex Attitudes in Adolescence; caption reads:] ". Then the featured young players were flown, with school-appointed chaperones, to Canada for the making of the interior scenes; and Canadian high school boys and girls, Canadian fathers and mothers worked with the Fayetteville group. Thriving on loyalty, team spirit and a sense of purpose, the company grew and expanded until now it is numbered among the 15 foremost producers on the North American continent.This was done in the studios, at Ottawa, of Crawley Films Limited - appropriately in the same chronological category as its subject, the company having celebrated its 15th birthday only recently. Its staff of 65 has become an international one that includes eight from England, three from the United States, three from Poland, two Chinese, an Irishman, a German and a Hollander.

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