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Victory Conditions - Elizabeth Moon Series: Vatta's War #5Challenges: ROOT, Dice Rating: A very satisfying ending to a great series.

The plot wasn't too convoluted but was interesting enough to keep my attention and keep me reading.49.

- Woman on the Orient Express - Lindsay Jayne Ashford - ROOT from earlier this year. I especially like how he evokes the world in the way he's written the words.

- The Wrong Stars - Tim Pratt - ROOT from 2017First Quarter January 1. The sounds and complexity of the language fit the whole so well. A Betrayal in Winter - Daniel Abraham Series: the Long Price Quartet #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KITRating: Complex, intriguing, atmospheric I continue to enjoy the series, with the second book of this quartet.

My rules this year are simple: Any book I own is a ROOT. This is a re-read, as I want to get to the rest of the series.

They’re two years and two days apart.” Grace sat up straighter, clapping her hands together in excitement before she could stop herself. “I’m confused.” He ran a hand over his jaw, looking half amused, half nervous. So was Grace 1.0, but for different, swoony reasons. ” His hand moved just slightly on the bench so his fingertips touched hers. Everyone had some kind of warning when it came to the parents. “My parents pretty much think I walk on water,” he said hesitantly. Sometimes hard to follow the plot, so just roll with it. Really interesting take on time-travel, and in some ways quite different.51. Hamilton Series: Night's Dawn #1 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KIT, SFFKITRating: Complex world building and intriguing complexity amongst the characters.“This whole thing has been a girls-versus-boys war, and you’re seriously suggesting we take the finale on the road to a baseball game? ” Grace discreetly fished out one of the chocolate raspberry truffles that Jake had given her when they’d met in the stairwell that morning. The shared elevator ride and the exchanged greetings were for their spectators. When they met in the stairwell at ten every morning?

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