Sunday noon dating

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The empty string means the beginning of today (i.e., midnight). A date string may contain many flavors of items: We describe each of these item types in turn, below.

A few ordinal numbers may be written out in words in some contexts.

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Comments may be introduced between round parentheses, as long as included parentheses are properly nested. 72-9-24 # Assume 19xx for 69 through 99, # 20xx for 00 through 68. This is the best way to specify a time zone correction by fractional parts of an hour. Either in a separate word (that is, separated by some white space), the corresponding daylight saving time zone may be specified.Convert timezones and find the best time for your meeting in (GMT-) International Date Line West, (GMT-) American Samoa, (GMT-) Midway Island, (GMT-) Hawaii, (GMT-) Alaska, (GMT-) Pacific Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Tijuana, (GMT-) Arizona, (GMT-) Chihuahua, (GMT-) Mazatlan, (GMT-) Mountain Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Central America, (GMT-) Central Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Guadalajara, (GMT-) Mexico City, (GMT-) Monterrey, (GMT-) Saskatchewan, (GMT-) Bogota, (GMT-) Eastern Time (US & Canada), (GMT-) Indiana (East), (GMT-) Lima, (GMT-) Quito, (GMT-) Atlantic Time (Canada), (GMT-) Caracas, (GMT-) Georgetown, (GMT-) La Paz, (GMT-) Puerto Rico, (GMT-) Santiago, (GMT-) Newfoundland, (GMT-) Brasilia, (GMT-) Buenos Aires, (GMT-) Greenland, (GMT-) Montevideo, (GMT-) Mid-Atlantic, (GMT-) Azores, (GMT-) Cape Verde Is., (GMT ) Edinburgh, (GMT ) Lisbon, (GMT ) London, (GMT ) Monrovia, (GMT ) UTC, (GMT ) Amsterdam, (GMT ) Belgrade, (GMT ) Berlin, (GMT ) Bern, (GMT ) Bratislava, (GMT ) Brussels, (GMT ) Budapest, (GMT ) Casablanca, (GMT ) Copenhagen, (GMT ) Dublin, (GMT ) Ljubljana, (GMT ) Madrid, (GMT ) Paris, (GMT ) Prague, (GMT ) Rome, (GMT ) Sarajevo, (GMT ) Skopje, (GMT ) Stockholm, (GMT ) Vienna, (GMT ) Warsaw, (GMT ) West Central Africa, (GMT ) Zagreb, (GMT ) Zurich, (GMT ) Athens, (GMT ) Bucharest, (GMT ) Cairo, (GMT ) Harare, (GMT ) Helsinki, (GMT ) Jerusalem, (GMT ) Kaliningrad, (GMT ) Kyiv, (GMT ) Pretoria, (GMT ) Riga, (GMT ) Sofia, (GMT ) Tallinn, (GMT ) Vilnius, (GMT ) Baghdad, (GMT ) Istanbul, (GMT ) Kuwait, (GMT ) Minsk, (GMT ) Moscow, (GMT ) Nairobi, (GMT ) Riyadh, (GMT ) St.Petersburg, (GMT ) Tehran, (GMT ) Abu Dhabi, (GMT ) Baku, (GMT ) Muscat, (GMT ) Samara, (GMT ) Tbilisi, (GMT ) Volgograd, (GMT ) Yerevan, (GMT ) Kabul, (GMT ) Ekaterinburg, (GMT ) Islamabad, (GMT ) Karachi, (GMT ) Tashkent, (GMT ) Chennai, (GMT ) Kolkata, (GMT ) Mumbai, (GMT ) New Delhi, (GMT ) Sri Jayawardenepura, (GMT ) Kathmandu, (GMT ) Almaty, (GMT ) Astana, (GMT ) Dhaka, (GMT ) Urumqi, (GMT ) Rangoon, (GMT ) Bangkok, (GMT ) Hanoi, (GMT ) Jakarta, (GMT ) Krasnoyarsk, (GMT ) Novosibirsk, (GMT ) Beijing, (GMT ) Chongqing, (GMT ) Hong Kong, (GMT ) Irkutsk, (GMT ) Kuala Lumpur, (GMT ) Perth, (GMT ) Singapore, (GMT ) Taipei, (GMT ) Ulaanbaatar, (GMT ) Osaka, (GMT ) Sapporo, (GMT ) Seoul, (GMT ) Tokyo, (GMT ) Yakutsk, (GMT ) Adelaide, (GMT ) Darwin, (GMT ) Brisbane, (GMT ) Canberra, (GMT ) Guam, (GMT ) Hobart, (GMT ) Melbourne, (GMT ) Port Moresby, (GMT ) Sydney, (GMT ) Vladivostok, (GMT ) Magadan, (GMT ) New Caledonia, (GMT ) Solomon Is., (GMT ) Srednekolymsk, (GMT ) Auckland, (GMT ) Fiji, (GMT ) Kamchatka, (GMT ) Marshall Is., (GMT ) Wellington, (GMT ) Chatham Is., (GMT ) Nuku'alofa, (GMT ) Samoa, and (GMT ) Tokelau Is..It is no wonder then that we often look into our own immediate past or future, last Tuesday or a week from Sunday, with feelings of helpless confusion. --Robert Grudin, is a string, possibly empty, containing many items separated by whitespace.The whitespace may be omitted when no ambiguity arises.

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