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I look at the straight people I went to school with who are my age, see half of them married and have one or two kids and try to think of a gay couple of my age or younger in a serious relationship and I can't.

I've nothing against random sex, I've done certain things myself and don't regret it, but this seems to be all that goes on.

I've just reached 26, seeing half the profiles on the internet saying "18-25s only", never been in a relationship worth remembering and never found a guy I'd want anal sex with.

Yes I'm a virgin and not bothered what people think about it because it's not through lack of offers.

If you feel safe with this guy then go for it but, in my experience, it's not all it's cracked up to be. This entire thread humiliates me to my core, do what you want OP but you make the rest of us look terrible. Thing is I'm not looking in the wrong places I'm just not looking.

I'm not a big fan of gay bars/clubs because of the people who go, but I love the cheesy music so it keeps me going.

Sorry for the rant, but this gay thing has been a bit depressing recently.

To be honest I enjoy it, they enjoy it, who's getting hurt? I lost my virginity to a guy I barely knew and it was a horrific experience. Saying that I don't like being bottom at all so it was never going to be fun in the first place. You're entitled to your opinion; but please don't devalue something you're too immature to maintain. I'm just the same I'd give my right arm for a proper, monogamous relationship. But I have had plenty of sexual experiences - first with my ex, and, sicne he and I broke up, I've met plenty of guys online and had ... so surely it makes sense to do it with someone who is experienced rather than wait and wait and embarass myself with someone I care about? It'll be safe, it'll be fun, it's legal, and it means I'll know what I'm doing when I have another bf. And if you do and you do embarrass yourself, both you and him will forget anyway. If it's safe and you know and trust the guy then having sex with him doesn't make you a "slut". And I don't want my first time to be a horrible experience that I'd rather forget ... You'll have it some time, it'll be great, you might as well. Even if you wait for it to be special, most likely a few years down the line you won't be with the same guy. That's my policy Deep down, you know what you want to do... but I have a feeling that that's not what you want.Every guy I go home with seems to want me to stick it in them without even mentioning condoms or caring that it's the first time I've met them.My standards aren't absurdly high either, if I applied them to women I'd find many girls who are just my type.

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