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Currently residing in East Africa a country called Tanzania in Dar es salaam.

I was married with 3 Children but our marriage fell apart.

”Tanzania is not on the banned list, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The procedures for an i-129F fiance visa filing don’t change country to country, with the exception of something like the current ban we have.

So Tanzania is just going to be the normal process that anybody else would go though. You can find a bunch of information on that on our site. Molly Further asks: “We were denied a tourist visa two years ago and I have returned multiple times since then. Should I plan a return trip to Tanzania when we has his interview?

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raise taxes, make college free, let the taxpayer pay for the student loan debacle, let all the sewage flow through the southern border so we can take care of them while ignoring our own veterans and children, and last but not least ….

Am Florence a Kenyan who lives in Tanzania am working as a nurse aid, most of the week days am at work but on weekends I hung out with my friends mostly on beaches, I like watching football and I love novels I travel as Am Gentleman aged 45 years.

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most of times i spend reading books, wtching football and movies.

”It’s not surprising you got denied for a tourist visa because again, they’re looking for tourists.

They’re looking for people to spend money, people who have property and assets in their country.

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