Texas laws on dating

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This means that unless you or your spouse put forth evidence showing the property is owned by one of you separately, it will fall into the category of community property for the purposes of your divorce.The reason that this is the case is that the state of Texas acknowledges that sometimes infidelity can not only be a breaking of the bond of trust between you and your spouse but it can also be a breaking of the financial bond between you and your spouse.This means that if you were to start dating another person during your divorce a court could consider this to be infidelity and it could trigger the sort of analysis we just went through regarding a division of your community state in a manner that does not favor you.

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While you may think that your circumstances allow for a relationship to continue into a divorce case I can promise you that they do not. On the other hand, our office has represented many spouses who are fully aware that their husband or wife has been carrying on an extramarital affair for some time before either person became serious about moving towards a divorce.

If you are considering whether or not you should begin a relationship during your divorce I am here to argue against doing so.

The challenges that you will encounter as a result of entering into a dating relationship with another person during your divorce will cause issues that are completely avoidable.

Still other people have been married for just a few months when they come to realize that the person that they married is not who he or she made themselves out to be and now a divorce is probably for the best.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of divorces that I outlined above, understand that in the state of Texas you can get a divorce any reason- or no reason- at all.

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