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Fair enough, in many ways it already was one before that evening 20ish years ago (yes I said 20) I'm about to describe occurred and perhaps became more so afterwar..

This Mandy, friend of PJ and her later husband Lee J (see past posts).

This is a follow up to the hypnosis story from a couple weeks ago.

As I had said Jamie, Lynn and Amanda knew the secret phrase was eliminated but the cleaning lady did not.

I was working late on a Friday when she came in to clean and I could tell she wasn’t expecting any company at she was wearing a skimpy top with no bra and really short shorts.

She walked in and out of my office several times ..

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Frank has agreed to share me with other men as long as he knows where I am. In my last story I had to convince my husband to share me with other men. Intro: Heidi deals with the consequences of her exposure and faces a new challenge. Chapter Five : Aftermath 2 I awoke in bed, feeling as if I had been kicked in the head.

I know I told you that I wouldn't be posting again, but I had to share what recently happened.

I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent an emergency hysterectomy.

Any couples or staff walking by had full view of me drilling my wife's lovely pussy as her legs were up wrapped around me.

They were accepted and approved by Frank that night. Frank works as security supervisor on the 3-11 evening shift at the University. Although i pulled the curtain over i realized afterwards the part of the king bed we ended up lying was totally visible.

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