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On the negative side, he isn’t careful with his money and cannot keep track of finances.He is also very lenient on people and does not set a high bar on them.

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The person usually does not take initiative, unless pushed.Document Process Time: 0.002s, Last Updated: Sun, our privacy policy, terms of use & refund policy. Libra is an odd male sign, which is of airy element, and is of movable nature. It is represented by scales, which denotes balance and clear sense of justice in the mind of Libra borns. In a conflict, they will not be the ones to take sides, but the one emphatically trying to broker peace and compromise between the opposing parties.This placement denotes great sense of humour and the person likes to nave a good time.The person can sell his services in form of interior design, landscaping in beautiful yet handy pursuits.

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