Updating a tile bathroom shower

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The new paint will re-energize the old stuff, just enough to leave tiny, bumpy, gelatinous spots all over your nice smooth paint job and make you want to hurt somebody.

(I couldn’t get a good picture of this.) With that being said, here is the final product…it looks so bright and clean!

Neither are pleasant, but as soon as you graduate to solid food toddler diapers you realize those newborn diapers basically smelled terrific.

(Update – Click here to see how my painted shower is holding up after a year of use! I wavered about doing something with the tile in our master bathroom for a long time.

) Who here has outdated tile in their bathroom but doesn’t want to rip it out and replace it? It’s not terrible and I don’t hate it…but by the same token I don’t love it either.

Plus I figured solid white would be an improvement over the blue, gray and swirlies. We didn’t really have any caulk, but what we did have was cracked, chipping, and missing in grout in the corners and edges.

Adam decided to go ahead and remove all the cracked grout and replace it.

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