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To demonstrate update record into the database, we have updated the list view of listing post to add a Edit link just beside the Auto ID value as demonstrated below.Clicking Edit link send the user to Edit action method of the controller with autoid querystring value. action method (below) of the Web API controller is called (remaining code for the button click has been already explained while explaining how to create a new rocord into database by consuming ASP. Sql Client; namespace Insert_update_delete It's difficult to tell what is being asked here. That's 18 extra column of data that were retrieved for nothing. If someone in the future changes the schema of that table and inserts of column between columns 0 and 1, then your results may not be what is expected.Below is a class model created for the Northwind sample database and which I'll be using in this blog post: When we designed our data model using the LINQ to SQL data designer above we defined five data model classes: Product, Category, Customer, Order and Order Detail.The properties of each class map to the columns of a corresponding table in the database.

Using Fiddler we can POST a new product, in this case the ASP. And as we can see when we check the database or use the GET method in the correct URL the new record is inserted.

Each instance of a class entity represents a row within the database table.

When we defined our data model, the LINQ to SQL designer also created a custom Data Context class that provides the main conduit by which we'll query our database and apply updates/changes.

I'll also show how we can cleanly integrate business rules and custom validation logic with our data model.

In Part 2 of this series I walked through how to create a LINQ to SQL class model using the LINQ to SQL designer that is built-into VS 2008.

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