Updating firmware on cd burner

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If you encounter any of the following issues, a firmware update might be necessary: Since any firmware update runs a risk of failure, and a failed firmware update can render your drive useless, you shouldnt install firmware updates casually.

However, as the preceding examples make clear, sooner or later youll probably need one.

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If you have a Pioneer retail or OEM DVD-RW drive, a firmware upgrade (see details) can literally be a matter of life and death to your drive.Several Pioneer DVD-RW drive models, including the DVR-A03, 103, A04, and 104 models, as well as the DVR-7000 and PRV-9000 standalone recorders can be damaged or destroyed if they attempt to write to high-speed DVD-RW/R media (4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW speeds) before the firmware update is installed.What are the clues that you should look for a firmware update for your optical drive?To install the latest updates for Windows XP, including updates to the CD writing feature, use Windows Update.Microsoft Knowledge Base article 320174 discusses an update to the CD writing feature. Before you can determine if you need a firmware update for your rewriteable drive, you need to know your drive model and what firmware version its using.

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