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But when it comes to my love life, I promised myself I’d be more private from now on,” he told reporters at a recent press con, where he signed a three-picture contract with Regal Entertainment.If there’s anything Derek didn’t like about being in highly publicized relationships, it was the pressure of people watching his every move.“It’s hard to have that much weight on your shoulders, and I don’t like to carry that every day,” Derek said.Following the first ultrasound scan, Sonya and Toadie argue about whose surname the baby will take and ultimately choose Rebecchi.There are so many things about people that you can get attracted to.

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” When asked if her son wants to see Derek, Mary Christine said no.Guevarra said that Austin, Derek and Mary Christine’s son, saw video on television of the two together and was very hurt."The video demonstrates in graphic detail the psychological abuse being inflicted by Derek on his wife and child as he slaps and mocks them – and even the entire public – with his shameless display of womanizing and philandering, especially so that he thinks he can flout the law with impunity on the sheer basis of his intimacy with the presidential sister." Mary Christine also said that contrary to what Derek claimed about wanting to see his son, there has been no communication from his side. So when he goes on TV and when he cries and goes ‘I love my son,’ I’m like, are you kidding me?Actor Derek Ramsay and his girlfriend Joanne Villablanca have decided to split after six years of being together. Their split comes as a surprise as it was only two months ago when Ramsay was openly talking about marriage in front of Villablanca during a contract signing with GMA network. Derek confirmed in an interview that he and Joanne already ended their almost 6-year relationship. As for the details behind the breakup, Ramsay kept mum. Fitness enthusiast Joanne Villablanca appeared to be hinting that the cause of her breakup with Kapuso actor Derek Ramsay is a third party.

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