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According to Brooks, "Wyatt is disappointed to see his new family already coming apart." Wyatt may have gotten "overly excited" about the idea of a family.

And because he sees so much of himself in Bill, it scares him to see what Bill is doing to his other family.

Despite claiming he doesn't have an ulterior motive, Wyatt views their business trip to Mexico to see the Hope Diamond as his chance to finally win Hope's affections.

The diamond is a "Romancing the Stone-type of thing, where [Hope and Wyatt] go off to a foreign land in search of this diamond.

In an interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Brooks said, " Wyatt is the type of guy who goes after what he feels, and he doesn’t care!At the time, Wyatt has just "poured his heart and soul into pursuing Hope," only for her to reject him for Liam.What hurts the most is that Quinn lied to him about his father.However, it is his relationship with Hope that helps him change for the better.Despite Wyatt trying to live the best life he can, those around him, specifically Liam, consistently throw his past in his face and accuse him of being bad for Hope and bad for businesses.

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