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(Zeljko played the governor on "Oz.") When he arrives, the horse head is gone; Zeljko now has a moose head on his wall. Dean then heads off to make fake blood and Lee is in charge of taking the antlers off the moose.Meanwhile, Lee runs into Chris again and asks him about Julianna. Soon after, Dean reiterates the line about Lee being sweet and nave.He's all tangled up in the sheets, so they need to find a way to get him untangled. Lee gives him a wildly puzzled look but he complies.

They head up the fire escape and Lee realizes he forgot to unlatch the window. They sneak through the apartment and open Chris bedroom door to be shocked by the sight of Chris snuggling with Julianna Margulies (aka Tom Fontana).

He asks for the following day and several more but she is always busy with something related to work.

He is crestfallen, but knows that at least she wont be at Chris that evening.

He also told us that they had their first read-through on Saturday!

The plot of this crazy play goes something like this: Dean, Lee and Chris (playing themselves) are discussing their favorite actors. The plot revenge is this: They will get a horses head and put it in Chris bed without his knowing. He points out that he and Chris are best friends and he wouldnt want to do that to him, etc.

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