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I notice Media Player saves the album art in 2 hidden/system files in the album folder, which include a GUID in the file name.Is there some way I could work out the correct file name to use, and save my album art to the file?The following steps describe how to manually add or change the album art.I am writing an application to help with recording Vinyl albums to digital format, for use in Windows Media Player and Media Centre.Incorrect or missing media information is a major problem when ripping CDs that are not well known or are a mix of different songs previously burned onto a CD.TIP To ensure your files stay organized and updated, make sure you update your media files after changing any media information or album art.In some cases, the media information of a file may be incomplete or missing.This inaccurate media information should be corrected immediately to ensure that your library and files remain neatly organized and easy to navigate and maintain.

Files with incorrect media information can be dragged on top of a file with the correct media information.

This is usually the easiest and fastest way to update your media information.

To do this, complete the following steps: If you are unable to find the album information in the online database, or if your media was originally part of a mix CD, you must use one of the manual options.

It is a lot easier to find your favorite song if it contains the correct media information than if its media information reads "Track 2, Unknown Album, Unknown Artist," along with about 400 other songs in your library.

It may be tedious, but supplying your media library with correct information will make things much more enjoyable in the long run.

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