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This name was chosen because it i= s short and catchy and was appealing to those in Asian nations, where the a= pplication became popular very quickly.

=20 =20 To create a Xanga account, a user must first register by clicking "Start= a Blog! Then, the user will fill out the requ= ired information ('Choose Username', 'Choose Password', 'Verify Password', = 'User Email', 'Security Code', and 'Birthday') and accept the terms and conditions&nbs= p;[12].

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Since then, Joel’s not exactly been as forthcoming with the Xanga Updates.now that there’s no reason for anyone to champion it’s continued existence.=20 By: Ryan Baker, Paige Blaszczyk, Melissa Brothers, Allie Cline, Amanda F= ay, Marlee Hollett, Amanda Jones, Brittany Komasinski, Kathryn Padgitt, Rac= hel Sieffert, Emily Trapp, Blair Wolkoff, and Krystalle Johnson=20 =20 =20 =20 =20 In 1999, Xanga was founded by Marc Ginsburg, John Hiller, and Dan = Huddle.Now, what someone in his position SHOULD do has been stated many times before, but to summarize he’s meant to act on behalf of the community, dying as it is, with the Xanga Team. If he fulfilled the role as it needs to be done, he would not have time for it and all the other, clearly more important things going on in his life. It seems as if he’s got no further use for Xanga now, and no need to champion for its survival.In previous posts of his, he admitted that a bulk of the Team’s time and efforts were being spent on HIS project, and was the most likely cause of any delay concerning Xanga proper. had Autisable remained with Xanga, or rather had the process of separation not begun until now, 3 years after Xanga 2.0’s release…

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